Providing access to Unparalleled Resources

More Than an Investment

Hatch BioFund provides entrepreneurs with more than money. Through its relationship with PABC, one of the most successful life sciences incubators in the country, the Hatch BioFund provides entrepreneurs with an unmatched ecosystem of resources and talent. We also offer unique opportunities for collaboration and education that help companies mitigate traditional early-stage risk and maximize opportunities for success.

Offices, Lab Space & Supplies

Hatch provides options for office and lab space at two strategic locations: the new Hatch BioFund Accelerator at the PA Biotech Center in Doylestown, in the pharma belt, and at B. Labs in the Cira Center, a brand new, state-of-the art facility in near the heart of downtown Philadelphia. Both facilities are Grade A spaces with all of the resources and amenities required for success.

Mentoring Program & Scientific Consultation

One of the biggest benefits to entrepreneurs within the Hatch BioFund portfolio is its mentoring program and access to experienced serial entrepreneurs, scientific and business expertise and networking.

Sponsor Support

Hatch has engaged with a number of top-tier sponsors across all service areas to provide its portfolio companies with the expert service and support they need, when they need it. These vetted professionals — from legal and marketing to cell and gene therapy — have deep experience working with biotech start-ups. In addition, sponsors provide preferred pricing, adding additional value each engagement.

Educational Events & Collaborations

Core to the Hatch ecosystem is the formal and informal networking and collaboration that the environment fosters. Hosted events are planned and scheduled regularly, enabling companies to both share their area of expertise as well as learn about others. Outside speakers and sponsors are also invited to present on core areas of business growth and success.

PA Cancer and Regenerative Medicine Research Center

The new Pennsylvania Cancer and Regenerative Medicine Research Center will be co-located at B. Labs at the Cira Center in downtown Philadelphia, near Penn, CHOP and the Wistar Institute. The focus of B. Labs and the Research Center will be cell and gene therapy.

Contact Us

Hatch BioFund is always seeking scientific entrepreneurs and investors to join our network. If you’re interested in learning more about our opportunities, please reach out.